Just a quickie.

Today went pretty well for our little girl, I think. She spent the morning trying to pull out her ET tube, pooping some more, and peeing through her bed. Make those nurses work for it, Lucy! Unfortunately, it turns out that she does have an infection, but I don’t think we’re too terribly worried about it. Any infection has the potential to be very bad for her, but she’s not acting sick and she’s already on broad-spectrum antibiotics. She’s breathing well, though. Her oxygen has been steady at 25%-31% ish, and her doctor turned down the amplitude on her vent today.

(Aside: My friend Shannon came to visit today, and it was nice to hang out with a girlfriend for awhile, especially since David was back home moving.)

I sat with Lucy for a few hours this evening. That girl has crazy long curly eyelashes, which she did not get from me. I kissed her and cuddled her and stroked her leg, and she just stared at me, sucking her tiny pacifier, while I talked to her. She is her mommy’s whole world (along with her daddy, of course).

Pacifier pics for grandma: