Lucy’s 1 month old!

Happy one month birthday, Lucy! We’re so proud of her for making it this far! Good job, baby girl.

Before I get too far, let me just post a retraction. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong! First, I thought there were three new micropreemies in the NICU but there were actually only two. Second, they just got transferred to different hospitals. I was so happy to hear that. Of course, they were moved because they needed a higher level of care (meaning, I think, that they needed surgery), so they have a long perilous road ahead of them. But at least they’re still alive! Another bit of good news: baby Noah graduated from the NICU today! He was the resident micropreemie before Lucy, and he’d been there just over 3 months. We’re so happy for Noah and his parents, and wish them all the best. Noah is an inspiration, and he gives us hope for Lucy.

Lucy had another stable and uneventful day, pretty much. Her last few blood gas tests showed that her CO2 levels were a little too high, and since they weren’t going down, her doctor bumped the amplitude on the oscillator back up to 28. We were a little bummed by that, but her next blood gas results after that were really good. Since then she’s been very stable, needing 30-35% oxygen. Her feedings still haven’t been resumed, and I’m not sure what they’re thinking about her bowel, but they haven’t made any other changes. She seems pretty happy. Earlier today I was cupping her torso in one hand, her head in the other, and singing to her, and whenever I stopped either she started fussing and desat-ing. She would immediately stop and go back up if I started again. I guess the kid likes the Beatles. I sang just about every Beatles song I could think of.

The other event in Lucy’s day was the insertion of a PICC line (the catheter that runs from her arm all the way to her vena cava). She seemed to tolerate the procedure well, and her nurse was getting ready to remove the line from the veins in her umbilical cord. They’re leaving the arterial line in her umbilical for now. I hate to see yet another place on her body that I can’t touch her, but I know that it’s a good thing.

Our sweet Lucy is just hanging in there. If she keeps it up for a few more months she’ll probably be ready to come home with us. I can’t wait.

Lucy’s cuddling with her owl blanket.


I love her eyelashes! And that she has hair now! She’s so sweet.