Lucy’s quiet day

This is David. Jill was feeling too tired to write up a post today, so I’m writing a short one. She’s feeling better, but not well yet.

Lucy has been stable again today, just like yesterday – we may feel like we have too much excitement in our lives lately, but as long as the excitement stays outside of the NICU, I’ll take it. So we were very glad Lucy had a quiet day, even if Jill was not here to experience it.

The frequency of her feedings has been increased to 2 ml every 6 hours. Still not enough to provide a lot of calories, but it is a good sign that her digestive tract has continued to work.

Today we learned that since coming off the oscillator Lucy has been on two drugs that are essentially asthma medication. This is necessary to keep her airways open, since the respiratory therapists have been able to hear wheezing and rubbing when they listen to her lungs.

She has also liked being on her tummy, and she has been fairly calm and sleepy (she was given some sedatives today). However, she has been very cute.

Here are some pics from yesterday and today: