Day 33, I think.

I’m still feeling pretty yucky, so all of my news today is indirect, either from David or the nurses. Lucy had a good day, though. She’s grown a tiny bit, both in length and head circumference. She’s still getting residuals on her feedings, but they’re not worried at all, and are still giving Lucy her regular feedings. In fact, she’s now getting 4 cc’s every 6 hours, and David got to feed her twice today. She had a really good blood gas test this morning, so at 3 am tomorrow morning they will be turning down both her breath rate (from 55 to 50) and her pressure (from 20 to 19) on the ventilator. Definitely steps in the right direction. Every time they make downward adjustments, I wait anxiously with fingers crossed for the next blood gas test to see if she’s tolerated the change well. Sometimes she hasn’t, because she’s just not quite ready yet, and I’m always disappointed when that happens. Obviously we’d like to see nothing but steady improvement, but that’s just not how it works in the world of micropreemies.

Anyway, David is carrying on with the daily routine, commuting back and forth across Bakersfield from the Ronald McDonald House to Mercy SW. We wanted to again mention how wonderful the Ronald McDonald House has been, and share some pictures of our home-away-from-home.

This is the Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House. Cute, huh?


Inside there’s a living area with TV, tons of DVDs, a Wii, and all kinds of board games:


There’s also a fully-stocked kitchen, with dining area and laundry off to the left:



Next we have a computer room, leading to one of the three bedrooms (we also get wireless, so we use our laptop most of the time):


Last, our room. Small, but completely functional, and made a little more homey by putting up the sweet “Lucy” garland made by our good friend Tabatha. We also have cable and DVD in our room:




They have been really incredible. Again, if you’re in a position to help, please consider donating to a Ronald McDonald House. It’s an amazing charity.

One last thing before Lucy pictures. I just want to say thank you to my mom and dad (Hi Mom and Dad!) for taking such good care of me while I’m sick. I’m staying with them, as our new house is still being painted and finished, and they’re so good to me. They let me sleep when I can, accommodate my ridiculous schedule, help me clean, do my laundry (!), and cook me yummy food. Actually, let me just expand this. I honestly don’t know what we’d do without our families. Both my family and David’s have gone above and beyond anything we expected in this situation. They’ve been so incredibly supportive and helpful in every way, and we owe them so much (as if we didn’t already). We love you all so much, and will never ever be able to thank you enough. Lucy is one lucky girl to have so many amazing grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Okay, new baby pics! All courtesy of David (whom I miss so so much!). Here’s Lucy sucking her pacifier:


And in action!


It’s a little dark, but here’s Lucy in her “hear no evil” pose:


And here’s a nurse pic. I’m always so amazed by her eyes. They look so strange with their huge black irises that make it look like she doesn’t have pupils. Also, her poor little nose always gets kind of smooshed by the tape. Still, I think she’s pretty sweet.


See you soon, sweet girl. See you soon, wonderful husband.

Love to you all.