Day 34, a good one

Just a short post tonight, sans pictures, I’m afraid. I should really really be sleeping because I had a completely crazy day today, and have another long one tomorrow. I’m not feeling completely better, but I don’t think I’m contagious anymore, so I’m going back tomorrow to see my sweet girl. I haven’t seen my Lucy since Thursday!

First (always first) Lucy. She had a really good day today, and I think I can sum it up pretty quickly. First the one downside. Today was, I thought, supposed to be her last day of antibiotics for her infection, but she’s actually getting 5 more days, David said. Better safe than sorry, but I hate that she’s had to have so many courses of antibiotics. Other than that, things seem really good. They’ve increased her feedings to a constant drip, so she’s now getting 1 cc every hour. Before she was getting 16 cc’s a day, I think, and now she should be getting 24. It will make her gut work, and hopefully it will help her start growing faster too. She seems to be tolerating it well so far, but they will check for residuals every 6 hours. Her blood gas test this morning was good, so at 3 am they will be reducing her vent pressure to 18 (from 19) and her breathing rate from 50 to 40. Hopefully she does well with that. Her night nurse last night said she’d never seen her rest so well (and she pooped twice, yay), and David said she seemed calm and mostly slept today. She hasn’t needed sedation, and when he was there this evening she was only requiring 25% oxygen. Our baby definitely had a good day.

David got to snuggle with her a lot today, and she seems to be soothed by his touch. He’s such a good dad. I loved the man intensely before, but seeing him with Lucy warms my heart and makes me love him more than ever before. I just hope she remembers her mommy after so long, especially with this yucky, scratchy voice.

About my crazy day: I thanked my family yesterday, but my brother and especially my parents deserve some kind of medal or something. They worked their butts off today to help me with a problem that was time sensitive and a HUGE pain. No clue what I would have done without their help.

So that’s all for now. Love to you all, and goodnight. Yay, I get to see Lucy and her papa tomorrow!