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The Second Mother’s Day

Yesterday was my second Mother’s Day. It’s really hard for me to believe that this post was only a year ago. My first Mother’s Day was stressful but full of hope and love. My second Mother’s day was very relaxed and full of love, but also sad. Not only was I missing Lucy, but as of Sunday William has been with us longer than Lucy was. He’s now lived longer than she got to, and while I’m incredibly grateful for that, it’s just one more reminder that she’s not here living the life we hoped she would.

There are lots of mothers missing one or more of their children on Mother’s Day. This advice is too late for this year, but if you know a woman who has lost a child, take a moment to acknowledge her and her child on Mother’s Day, or any day. I can almost guarantee that one of the best gifts you could give her is to say the name of her lost baby and to recognize that life.

My babies

That’s Lucy on Mother’s Day last year.

This year I have William, and Lucy is always in my heart.