Stories of Strength: Brittany’s Story

Brittany, whose cervical insufficiency was compounded by treatments for precancerous cells on her cervix, had her TAC placed as an emergency procedure late in her pregnancy. Unfortunately, the damage was already done. This is one way that a TAC can fail, and one option for how to proceed when it does. Thank you for sharing your story, Brittany. You’re a strong mama, and we wish you the very best.

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My name is Brittany and this is my story. I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant and while I was happy to find out I was carrying twins, I also had found out I had pre-cancerous cells in my cervix. Due to a weak cervix, I had my twin boys at the gestational age of 24.5 weeks and they had to stay in the NICU for four months. I had to have two surgeries on my cervix and was only left with 9mm functional cervix and was told I am lucky to already have my kids.

Fast forward to 2013, my husband and I wanted to try for another baby because our kiddos are now 5. Remembering what the other doctors said about my cervix, I told my new doctor I would need a cerclage done. I was about 6-8 weeks pregnant when I started to have some bleeding on and off but my cervix was still shut. But I kept insisting bleeding is not normal and my cervix is barely there . . . Unfortunately, at 15 weeks I went into full on labor and that’s when the military doctors FINALLY believed me and my cervical issues. So they rushed me to a hospital in Savannah, GA. I stayed there over night and all contractions stopped. We were referred to Dr. Davis but had to drive up to NJ to be seen for the TAC (trans-abdominal cerclage). Two other doctors said I was too far along to have it done, but Dr. Davis had hope as long as we could get there.

We made it up there and had an amazing surgery. I got to see my baby, got the TAC, and Dr. Davis was amazed at how well it had gone. I went from 9mm to 3cm. He told me it looked great but we weren’t out of the woods yet. Mind you I had been bleeding and while Dr. Davis was doing my TAC, he couldn’t see why I was bleeding/clotting. Sadly, at 18 weeks my waters ruptured which is known as PPROM (preterm premature rupture of the membranes). The TAC did not fail – my cervix never opened – but since I was bleeding, the blood was like sandpaper and tore my membranes. I was told to abort our baby, but I had faith and had heard so many stories of fellow ladies going through the same thing, so I chose to be on strict bed rest. But, on week 19+6 I went into labor and had to go to the hospital. Since my daughter was not at a gestational age where she could survive, Dr. Davis told my doctor to just go in and cut the TAC instead of having a c-section since a c-section would further damage my uterus. I delivered the next day at 20 weeks. The nylon “string” he used is still around my cervix. I am currently trying to see Dr. Davis again to have it removed and get a pre-pregnancy TAC to eventually try again one day for our rainbow baby. It is not a guaranteed fix but I know it will hopefully help get me to a gestational age of a healthy baby. I hope my story can help in some way or give information on some questions you may have. Thank you for reading my story. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that everything goes well in the future and we get our rainbow we so desperately want.


  1. Hi Brittany I’m khalilah,and I too have IC,,I had a 22week lost April 28th 2012 my beautiful baby girl.I was 19, so after pulling my young life back together my boyfriend and i got another surprise.we are pregnant again almost 2 years later.Very happy and very faithful in god that this pregnancy would end differently then last time.we would take our baby home after we heard her cry at birth. Only this wasn’t the case Monday 5-19-14 at 5:23am I had another beautiful baby girl born alive but not yet ready to be born let alone cry for mommy and daddy or give us the chase to take her home she was 21weeks. I could not resive a cerclage at 16week due to a “clot” that was on top of my cervix.I had be reciveing 17p shots every Monday since 15weeks also strict bed rest only getting up to you the restroom. I pray the TAC is my answer to having a healthy “normal” FULL TERM pregnancy. My water never breaks on it on my babies are always born inside the sac. The doctors always have to break the sac,also my babies are born alive they just die about 30mins after birth,just to small to be born. May I ask what your bleeding was from?

    1. I’m so sorry for your losses Khalilah. I was going to pass this along to Brittany, but I’m sorry, I can’t seem to reach her. Please feel free to email my at if you have any questions, or if I can help in any way. The TAC is really a miracle. I hope that it will get you your full term baby like it did for me.

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